When EL.ΑS. (greek police) catches the snip


When EL.ΑS. (greek police) catches the snip.

(epic fail)

The events are known more or less and we aren’t in the mood to reproduce them extensively. In the early hours of 13/10/10 the revolutionary and comrade Giannis Skouloudis is arrested while he has torched vehicles of D.E.I (national electricity company), in the center of Thessaloniki. The file case is completed with cop’s testimonies, according to which they saw us passing through that spot a week earlier. This is enough to use the anti-terrorism law, with the charge of “constituting a criminal organization” that from now on hangs over all five of us. In the hours that followed the arrest of the comrade, swarms of cops raid our houses, and also the houses of our family members and friends, in order to find us and any evidence that might tie the case and confirms the indications so far. The most extreme “evidence” that is discovered, is the ID card of someone we know (under aged and totally irrelevant with the anarchist movement) which he had forgotten a long time ago in one of the houses that have been investigated.

So these are the moves of EL.AS. and the anti-terrorist force, that’s how they acted and in the end that’s the way they should have acted.

.revolutionaries don’t bite!

But now we can take the stand:

We were anyway bored of the analyses of the judicial and legal part of the case as viewers and we will not choose them as directly involved. May we be allowed two lines with our own version.

  1. It is obviously that the evidence that involve us in the case does not exist. No, they are not flimsy or ridiculous. They simply do not exist. This of course, is something that we make clear through this text and ONLY (we will not plead it in front of any cop or judge), to all, friends, comrades and enemies, just so everyone knows what’s going on.
  2. We understand that they “had it in for us” and they have to deactivate us. We find it somehow logical, we are also thinking the same about them.
  3. Maybe they have been unable for years to find the evidence that they were searching for, so they decided to involve us in one case in which: OBVIOUSLY we are able to defend publicly as a revolutionary action, OBVIOUSLY we are able to defend the participation of our comrade Giannis Skouloudis in this, but in which OBVIOUSLY, we can’t be charged for anything.
  4. However, as it seems misters and misses of the antiterrorist force and the state security we read the same strategy books, so we interpret any of your moves based on a common war code and we make clear that we are not going to humiliate ourselves in front of you apologizing for something that we never did, as exactly we would have chose for something that we have actually done.

“ I was one of them. On the side of those who envisioned to overturn the order of this world. All our defeats, one after another, made us test the strength of the plan. Every time we lost everything to block its path, to obstruct its application. With bare hands, with no other choice. A sob shocks my chest; I’m done with the tangle of thoughts. Brothers they did not defeat us. We are still alive and free to roam the seas.

We refuse your influence on our choices and in our life as a whole, and not only its plotting version. We choose therefore to leave. To leave in order to remain in the substance, consistent to our mirror, conscience and our comrades. This choice is not at all an act of fear. It is the only possible (based on conscience) action in the occasionally rough river of life of an anarchist -revolutionary, that long ago we chose to cross.

And we consider that while we are free we think better, at least concerning our tactful moves that are required from now on, the big contradictions and dilemmas that we must answer, the life choices that we must take during this period we have ahead of the court.

Beyond this, we want in no way to give the chance to the cops to boasting of their somehow extra success. (And we believe that success for them may just be the acceptance of the frame in which they try to detain you when and as they want, but it is double when this is accomplished through fear). We will be straight with everyone.

Keeping in mind, that the lack of evidence isn’t enough (see the case of the arrested for the organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire in September 2009) estimating also our particular political identity that we will not allow to change in front of the fear of any charge even if it “doesn’t hold up”, but also because of the clear stand of our life that will not change so we can become sympathetic or “innocent” in front of the eyes of any interrogator, we are not willing to declare ourselves victims and we deny to give to the enemy what he wants: our revolutionary/conscious suicide through a trip of questions-answers and real or fake alibis of each side, that will in fact rely on the fact that we have nothing to hide.

It is important for everyone to prove individually his/hers autonomy and his/hers effectiveness, so accustomed to act alone with the conscience of a common attempt -to take on its successes and its failures- to learn never to tolerate anyone acting in his name, never substitute the others and discover in the reinforcement of his will for life the practical truth of collective action”

Of course what we lose is also the price of our choice to remain dignified. And the price, believe us is huge. Because besides the personal price of each of us, who is automatically away from his close people (this however we knew very well every moment we envisioned and realized the war as the only life choice for someone who thinks and acts freely and at the same time for freedom, so it found us prepared), there is also a price that costs us as political entities and leave us literally half.

Half, because if the continuous hunt and the ruthless war with the forces of authority covers our need for material conflict against the existing (and this is something that we officially live now), our mind and heart travels to assemblies, riots, setting up revolutionary infrastructures with continuity and consistency, meeting new people, exchanging and configuring conceptions, practices, feelings, unification of common denials and their comradely realization.

And it is this contact with the comrades who were unknown to us before the discussion, the organization of an action or at the moment of an attack, the moment of the configuration of such different worlds, that enriched us, recharged our batteries and regenerated us, in order we are always alert but at the same satisfied that “something good is happening in Thessaloniki, something much better might happen if we try it.”

So this loss is the cost of the choice to leave, but we know and we want from all those that we knew and we could understand each other, to continue weaving the Plan, to continue setting up solidarity infrastructures, counter-information infrastructures, infrastructures for attack, revolutionary infrastructures that complete each other’s action and retain the bet of radical action open to anyone interested. Away from the dogmatism of the old-anarchists and their conceptions and the occasional involvement of students in some demonstrations or live-concerts every now and then. Leaving thus, every event and form of struggle free for participation and development to anyone who wants to, to whoever chooses it, to whoever manages it, to whoever in short has it in them and has really loved it, leading it permanently and without return to an actual conflict not only against the state and its society, but in the end against hierarchy, the cool ones, the oldies, representation, expertise, passivity, the spectacle, through our own procedures. And because what we say are not just words, but a print of conscious decisions, contradictions and questions that lead us to the constant search for freedom, this contact with the people, we will attempt to continue through a -as often as possible- publication of editions of brochures and texts with the same signature we had before this situation (we apologize to some comrades that we incorporate it under these circumstances especially since we don’t ask), the Cooperation of individuals for the fulfillment of the negative, and and this in order to stay consistent with the bet we had made and to continue this attempt even if practically we lose the other people who participated in this. Also, because our suspiciousness against politicians and hierarchy, we clarify that any reference in our case from the regime leftism and it’s followers is anything but welcome (see the anti-authoritarian movement “AK” etc), especially because of the involvement of the antiterrorist law (in our case).

Although we stand alone against repression, we owe half of our power elsewhere.

Therefore the prisoner or the persecuted doesn’t derive strength so much from the pursuit with the case or at least not only from this. Because we as well as Giannis, derive strength from the microphone informing, the presence and the conflicts at the courthouse, not just because there was a reference to this particular case and they came about because of it, but mainly because among these people, who organized the counter-information actions and also who without any loses disrupted the order in the den of justice, we would really like to be and in any other circumstances we would surely be. Because in the end our strength is not so much derived only from the occasions for action of the anarchist struggle in the cities, but from its expression itself, the new counter-information fields, the contact with people, the conflict with the authorities, the disorder in the cities, the creation of new times and places of awareness and simultaneous reading / detection of comradely looks that defy the omens of defeat and prepare to prove them wrong .

As a sign of correspondence.

During the last weeks we watched many arrests in relation to actions of attack. Obviously the punishment through the sentences and prosecutions does not aim only to the immediate accused. It aims in the creation of a climate of fear and embarrassment in the revolutionary community in order to de-activate individuals, at least temporarily, to terrorize and deter others from taking the decision to attack. This of course doesn’t seem to work, since although there are so many imprisoned and persecuted, the revolutionary process is continued and develops through speech and action, and iscontinuously staffed by new people. From the land of illegality, therefore, we cannot but prompt the comrades to continue and to evolve whatever we have left half done or did wrongly. The last thing we would like is that along with us, our dream to be hidden as well. And we really don’t want to see fear and political games to spread out and redivide any collective refusals transferring them to privacy or to bureaucratic and fatalistic assemblies that focus not on the reasons of the attack on the state structures, but the all mighty (?) oppression, that strikes innocent (!), something that has happened more than a few times in the past. Nobody should remain a spectator. Everyone individually is capable of (as long as they choose it) taming the times andreversing the winds. Each one separately but also all together we can overcome our fears but also not allow new fears to overwhelm us. Besides, wemust recognize that to achieve our objectives there were and there will be dozens, hundreds imprisoned

and persecuted, dozens and hundreds ofsimilar or more difficult cases. And because we are aware of this condition, lets not stop pointing out towards any direction that futile, as they say, is notthe anarchist struggle, but its combat.

The wild flowers of the revolution blosom.

So here is our ultimate purpose and our plan:

 The deepening, the enrichment and the unification on a revolutionary base of the chopped to piecescommunity of refusal and the simultaneous attack on the deadly calmness of the cities. So if we ask something of those who we loved and those who our life choices have separated us, it’s not solidarity to our own case but without excuses and for all the reasons of the world struggle to build the chaoticarmy, the struggle for the destruction of values, symbols, relationships, ethics generated by this world.

We hope and we are working on the regular renewal of appointments through texts and letters.

The best is yet to come..

We wink comradely at the revolutionaries and anarchists from all tendencies and we encourage them wherever it is possible and without burying the particularities and the differences in the name of unity, to synchronize and escalate their struggle and their actions.

We salute finally, the prisoners and persecuted, dozens of unrepentant revolutionaries that either prisoners behind bars either reversing the terms of the hunter and pray, they keep the revolutionary bet more current than ever, continuing their action regardless of the circumstances.







Tzifkas Sokratis, Fessas Dimitris, Tsilianidis Mpampis, Dimtsiadis Dimitris


Something that Giannakis really liked, with a big comradely hug and a good strength to accompany him:


The rehearsal of war is over,
now we are dressed with the sound of the wind, my brother
We are painted with the colors of the damned land
and me a frontline warrior on the call of rage,
together with the sorcerers words.
A small load for these heavy stepping feet,
as a talisman an eye which will find the lie
and a sheath thats thirsty to drink more blood.
The end and our step is heavier,
this appearance overshadows even our grave.
And all the evil of the world, really, is not enough
to stop a body, ready to die.
And just when I thought time is haunting me,
I noticed I was not alone.
I was also in the night, you see, of the first time,
where east, west, south, and north met.
There where death sets an ambush from long before,
knows well and wanders around those areas.
A knife, it cuts the tension that exists,
so intensely and painful before the battle.
You think with every breath you take in poison
and every step you make, seems a torture.
Heavy atmosphere, but I didnt fear it,
because I am for years now its heaviest piece.
All this I see, do not give me slack
and for the battle I put the mask on again.
I feel dark figures, have become my shadow,
and from the north I hear footsteps in my ears.
Now in our passage our look shines
and in our view the fire brings to life our dreams.
And our life is ours and if you are still with us,
its that we never coward out, our soul is up to it.
Our voice roars and is consistent,
No one came here simply and for no reason.
With a big respect and a blind trust,
which does not give the right to anyone
to judge us and what has happened cannot be eraced,
from a memory, that has remained alive.
And it leaves behind marks just as rain on dirt,
fro the battles we gave in the past face to face.
Because some remember what the others hear,
some coward out and some live.
Always at war and me a unnatural phenomenon,
the unexpected of others becomes my continuing,
no one can understand my joy,
because if the wankers drown, im in my waters.
Even if I have company, in the clash I am alone,
a bad habit of mine to always go first.
With no protection, with every precaution,
I have lived a life in what others call a conflict.
But at last I found an opponent,
whoever I have seen so far here and there made an echo.
And fortunately the wait ends,
we live the day of the battle and the evening is coming.
Where are you going, where, and what do you have in your mind,
the battle of the next eve is beginning,
I will paint red the colour of the sky,
so let me tell you what I have in mind.
Where are you looking, where, and you are lost elsewhere,
take seriously all the signs of weather.
I took the tracks of a nearby path,
and dont worry I wont get lost elsewhere.






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