Letter of solidarity with the chilean comrades on hunger strike


Monday, March 7, 2011

Freedom, as well as bars are firstly and mainly in our heads. There are however moments where it becomes perceptible and with particular intensity the existence of walls around us. Moments where under other circumstances we would risk our skin in order to leave the flames to warm people that are fighting far from us, people that we do not know but we feel them reflecting our egos and what we desire on the other side of the world.

Solidarity is a simultaneous expression of revolutionary conscience and authentic militant sentiment. It is expressed with speech and action. In our hands however henceforth, we hold only our words and our thoughts to imprint it. Solidarity is perhaps the most precious of weapons a revolutionary has at his/hers disposal.

We charge it with all the substance of our being, with all the hate for our common enemies, with all our common passion for freedom, and we remind to the comrades that are on hunger strike (from 21/02) in Chile, that in another country, in some similar prisons, confined for some similar reasons, some not so different people are with all their strength next to their struggle, for their immediate release and abolishment of the antiterrorist law.

The fighting dignity of comrades comes to prove that the fight does not stop for an imprisoned revolutionary. They show us that the prison can very well be faced as one more occasion for the appointment of new aspects of revolutionary action.

The return that finds in our own consciences, the position of attack in which the hunger strikers enter makes our solidarity a given as a basic characteristic of a built relationship between those who continuously undermine the social peace.

The ostensible force of the enemy is nothing next to your courage comrades.





Andrea Macarena Urzúa Cid

Camilo Nelson Pérez Tamayo

Carlos Luis Riveros Luttgue

Felipe Guerra Guajardo

Francisco Solar Domínguez

Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda

Pablo Hernán Morales Führimann

Rodolfo Luis Retamales Leiva

WTF collective translations for actforfreedomnow



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