Letter from Giannis Skouloudis from Avlona Prisons


Early hours of wednesday October 13th during my escape from the parking area of vehicles of the Public Electricity Company, following the arson of some of its cars, I found myself surrounded by cops. After that I was led, with the handcuffs behind my back, to a regular car of the greek police, waiting for the fire to extend as they said, in order to begin my transfer to g.a.th. (police headquarters of thessaloniki).

The moment in time of my arrest constituted also the beginning of the permanent psychological war that followed, with the known tactics of the greek police regarding the handling of such situations. The range was big. From “brotherly” advices of idiots and comments such as ” you see enemies we dont” to humiliating characterizations against me and my comrades. From friendly questions in comfortable spaces with orange juice on the house, to long interrogations of a threatening character in a effort to exterminate and offend my dignity. From house raids, to warrants of arrest that aim in the targeting and penalization of my wider friend and comrade cycle. All this in the light of the new and evolved antiterrorist policy.

Right now I am imprisoned in the prisons of Avlona. I realize this position, not so much as a detainee that is persecuted for his actions, but as a prisoner of war that is in a hostage situation in the hands of the enemy. In a space of isolation, role of which is the control and marginalisation of any element that constitutes danger and threat to the regimes plans, is cut off away from the frames of legality, compromise and subjugation, disturbs the normality of social flow and does not comply to its rules. Any element that is not productive in the social web, does not apply rightly the function that has been imposed on it to practise under the dogma of order and safety, and does not contribute to the promotion and maintenance of the humiliating and degrading way of life. Finally, whoever fights, is organised, attacks and aims to the appointment of revolutionary war that comes to shake the foundations of the modern capitalistic world.

I therefore am in favour of this revolutionary war, in favour of the multiform revolutionary process and development, main supplies of which are the refusal of the existing, revolutionary conscience and the need for action, that aims to the total rupture and deconstruction of every system, relation and ethic that oppresses the free person, having already recognized and feeling ready to face the cost of my choices.

For these reasons I take the responsibility for the arson attack, in Thessaloniki on the crossroad road of M.Alexandrou and Edison street, in the parking area of vehicles of the Public Electricity Company. Wanting with this hit to revael one more hostile aspect, one more piece of the government owned mechanism.



Skouloudis Giannis

Avlona Prisons

November 5th 2010

boubourAs translation actforfreedomnow!



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